Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Herb Blogging Roundup #244

Weekend Herb Blogging celebrates the flavors and textures of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Each week a different blogger takes responsibility for compiling the delicious and nutritious recipes posted to Weekend Herb Blogging in the preceding week. This week it’s my turn.

Citrus Sports Drink

Janet of
The Taste Space
Toronto, Canada

Laurie of Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska/
Anchorage, Alaska

Next week
Weekend Herb Blogging will be hosted by Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu If you want to participate, please send your entries to lynnylu AT gmail DOT com by 3pm Utah time, Sunday, August 8, 2010. For more information, go here.


chris said...

great round up! Sorry I missed it this week!

Thanks for hosting! ;)

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

A beautiful round up of dishes Laurie:D

Susan said...

Thanks for the bright and colorful collection, Laurie. It's nice to see you back!

Cindystar said...

better late than never! thanks for your work, laurie, nice colors and great variety!

carole said...

Laurie, look forward to your 'new season'!!
can you help me w/amt of butter in your yogurt pastry?
tablespoons and cold butter don't work. here in Greece, we have 250 gm packages, not you bars,4 to a lb., i suppose.
carole s.

Laurie Constantino said...

Hi Carol, Nice to hear from you!
Yes, in Greece, the scale is my trusty friend -- it saves me a lot of grief. Anyway, 12 Tbsp. of butter = 6 ounces = 170 grams. Happy fall! Hope all is well with you.