Thursday, August 14, 2008

You are Invited to the 2008 Anchorage Greek Festival!

John Maroulis Cooking Lamb on the Spit - 2004 Greek FestivalJohn Basting Lamb on the Spit at the 2004 Greek Festival

The famous Anchorage Greek Festival starts tomorrow morning (Friday August 15) at 11 am and continues through 8 pm Sunday evening (August 17).

This is a “must attend” event, rain or shine (we have tents), for anyone who loves Greek food and music. The women of the parish have been cooking for months: folding spinach pies and cheese pies, making baklava and galaktoboureko, baking cookies, and rolling grape leaves.

Souvlaki is being skewered today and the salad ingredients washed and prepped. Trays of moussaka are in the cooler, along with mountains of lamb, gallons of tzatziki, and plenty of gyro fixings.

Dancers at the Greek FestivalWe’ve brought a wonderful Greek band up from California to entertain attendees with traditional Greek music. Parish dance groups will perform during the afternoon and festival attendees can join in rounds of Greek dancing.

Our parish cookbook (written by yours truly), Tastes Like Home: Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska will be for sale at the festival. The festival and cookbook proceeds help support our parish and grow our building fund.

Admission to the festival is free, as is the parking.

Stop by the raffle booth, where you’re likely to find me signing cookbooks or selling raffle tickets for a 2009 C300 Mercedes Sedan.

Hope to see you there!

Sonia, Laurie and Salwa at the 2004 Greek FestivalSonia, Laurie, and Salwa in the Dinner Booth at the 2004 Greek Festival


Peter G said...

Hi Laurie! If I was anywhere near San Francisco (as I usually am with work) I would be on the next flight over. The "panigiri" sounds fantastic and all that food definitely tells me its Greek! Χρονια Πολλα!

Paula said...

Oh WOW! I want to go! I live in drizzle city (Portland, OR), so rain wouldn't keep me away. Alas, it's the distance that prohibits my attending. Sounds like FUN! That's quite a raffle prize being offered! Festivals such as these that promote community are the BEST fun ever! Hope you have a grand time, hope there is a great turnout, and I look forward to reading your posts about it!


you're gorgeous, you know that!

Natashya said...

I want to come! Why do we not have teleporters yet?

Sam Sotiropoulos said...

Laurie, looks like a good time for certain! Have a great festival, wish I could be there!!!

Mike of Mike's Table said...

Wish I could be there--sounds like it would be a fun day! I hope it goes well :-)

Laurie Constantino said...

Peter G - what a great day that would be if you showed up in Alaska at our Greek festival. Maybe next year (it's always the first weekend on or after August 15)!

Paula, like I said to Peter, there's always next year! Thanks for the good wishes.

Thanks Maria, but keep in mind the picture was taken before my head exploded and my hair turned grey...

Natashya, I agree completely - I'd be very happy if there were teleporters.

Sam, thanks!

Mike, so far so good - we had a great day today. Heres hoping there's not a downpour tomorrow or Sunday!

Bellini Valli said...

You don't know how much I would love to be there. Opa!!!

Bijoux said...

I'm amazed at the Greek population living in Alaska! I had no idea. I know I must sound ignorant and that is not my intention. I think it is great that you will find Greeks in all corners of the world. Do you know what the stats are for Greeks living in Alaska, Laurie? I'm just curious :)

What a wonderful sounding Greek Festival. The desserts look incredible. I wish I could attend.

I showed my husband your current post and he was keen on purchasing raffle tickets for the car - LOL - of course that's just an excuse to come up to Alaska if he miraculously won the car. I'm assuming we would have to be present at the Festival to purchase raffle tickets?

One day we will make the trip to Alaska.


i'm sure you're still gorgeous with white hair (it doesn't look too bad on myself, either)

Laurie Constantino said...

Val, I would love it if you were able to come.

Bijoux, in Anchorage, there are about 75 Greek families involved in the church - there are many more that don't attend chuch or live in other communities. I really have no idea of the numbers. You don't have to be present at the Festival to win the car. Next year, I'll let you know in advance so your husband can buy a ticket! I sold the winning ticket this year, which was fun (although it would have been more fun if we had won...).

We always have our Greek festival the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on or after August 15 - maybe someday you'll be able to make it. Alaska, like Greece (but for different reasons), is a hugely popular tourist destination. And for good reason, it's very beautiful here.

Maria, you'll be able to see for yourself very soon!